World Health Organization Endorses New Vaccine, However…


Keep an eye on Sinopharm Group (OTC:SHTDY).

The World Health Organization (WHO) just approved emergency use of the company’s vaccine, clearing the shot for global use.

In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, “The international health body recommended that the vaccine be used immediately, as part of an ‘emergency use listing.’ It said the drug’s deployment would help ease acute vaccine shortages in developing countries that have been unable to inoculate more than a tiny percentage of their populations.”

However, there is reason for caution.

For one, WHO said little data exists on whether the shot is effective for people over the age of 60, “the panel that reviews vaccines—its Strategic Advisory Group of Experts—concluded that preliminary data suggested elderly test subjects likely acquired some protection.”

Two, according to the Journal, the vaccine “appears to be substantially less effective than the leading Western coronavirus vaccines.”


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