US FDA approves Gilead’s Remdesivir for the Treatment of Coronavirus


With the coronavirus still making its way around the world, the US FDA just approved Gilead Sciences’ antiviral drug remdesivir.  Reportedly, the drug has helped shorten the recovery time of some hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

“Remdesivir is now the first and only fully approved treatment in the U.S. for Covid-19, which has infected more than 41.3 million people worldwide and killed more than 1 million, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University,” reports CNBC.

Approval comes after new results published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Gilead’s Phase 3 ACTT-1 trial demonstrated faster recovery times than previously reported.

The treatment was also found to reduce progression of the virus among those severely ill who require oxygen. In addition, according to the US FDA, it’s “for use in adult and pediatric patients 12 years of age and older and weighing at least 40 kilograms (about 88 pounds) for the treatment of COVID-19 requiring hospitalization.”

It’s certainly welcome news at this point.


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