Top Ways to Trade Pandemic Vaccine Passports


With pandemic numbers on the rise, schools, employers, and events of all sizes are likely to mandate vaccination and use vaccine passports as the delta variant rages through the U.S. and global populations.

Even more interesting, according to an Upgraded Points survey, as noted by Business Insider, “81.8% of Americans are in favor of vaccine passports.”  Plus, “55% of respondents say airlines, hotels, and travel companies should require proof of vaccination, while 74% agree that proof of vaccination should be required in order to fly on an airplane. Being in close quarters with fellow travelers for extended periods of time, it’s easy to understand why a majority of respondents would want assurance that everyone on the plane is vaccinated.”

Look at a stock like IBM (NYSE:IBM), for example, which has a three-year contract with New York for its Excelsior Pass, which can help verify vaccination status, and other health records, as noted by The New York Times.

Or, look at a stock like Clear Secure (NYSE:YOU).

According to Conde Nast Traveler:

Clear is “the biometric service that existed pre-pandemic as a way to skip identity screening lines at airport security (and is often paired with TSA Precheck, a separate service, to breeze through security). Amid the pandemic Clear saw an opportunity to create a secure COVID-19 vaccine passport, called Clear Health Pass: The service, which lives in the free Clear app, requires users to upload (via smartphone camera) a photo ID, your CDC-issued vaccination card, and a selfie, as well as answer some questions about when and where you were vaccinated.”




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