This Could Close Down the Global Economy Again


Virus cases are still spiking around the world.

Just over the last 24 hours, the world has seen another 183,000 new cases, says the World Health Organization.  Brazil reported 54,771 cases in a day.  The U.S. reported 36,.617.  And India reported an increase of 15,400.

However, according to CNBC, “It should be noted that increases in the numbers of coronavirus cases could be down to increased and more widespread testing, and also anomalies in data collection. Brazil’s large spike in cases on Sunday, for instance, was in part due to a lag in reporting from three states (Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo) compounding data from two days, WHO noted.”

The fear is that if the world sees further increases, many countries could be forced to re-impose lockdowns that could crippled the global economy again.  Should that happen, we may not see such lockdowns lifted as quickly as we recently saw.


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