The Top Reasons Biotech Should be in All Portfolios


Biotech is still one of the most exciting sectors to invest in.

By 2025, the global biotech market could be worth up to $720 billion, according to Global Market Insights.  In fact, they note:

“An increasing number of chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, stroke, asthma, chronic respiratory diseases and hypertension among others will positively influence the biotechnology market growth. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits including alcohol consumption and tobacco are among the major reasons for the increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases. Therefore, the Department of Biotechnology through technical expert committee (TEC) and expert groups are focusing on R&D activities to develop innovative methods in cancer and neuro-disease biology. Hence, rising incidences of such chronic diseases, owing to several factors including stress and sedentary lifestyles, foster the overall business growth.”

Two, the sector is still one of the safest, most recession-proof investment around.   We can’t stop folks from aging, or from needing treatments for a large range of medical issues.

Three, an aging population is demanding more treatments in an effort to live longer lives.  At the moment, there are 65 million people over the age of 70 in the United States. As this number continues to grow, we’ll see a need for more medication and treatment options.

There’s also incredible new innovation in genetics and technology, creating new life-saving and life enhancing opportunities.  And three, big pharmaceutical companies are buying hot biotech companies to keep their pipelines full to avoid revenue shortfalls created by patent expirations.


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