Flu Season 2019-20: One of the Top Stocks to Consider


Flu season is back.

And, as anyone with a respiratory system will tell you, this time of year isn’t always fun.

This year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu season in the U.S. is just beginning. Experts predict an active, and possibly severe, flu season based on data from Australia, where flu season is just wrapping up.

In short, it’s not looking like a fun season at all.

Unless, of course, you’re an investor in flu-related, coughing, sniffling, remedy stocks that typically take off around this time of year.  Clorox (CLX), for example, has an historical tendency to appreciate every flu season.

Chart from StockCharts.com

  • In 2013, CLX ran from $72 to $75
  • In 2014, it ran from $80 to $105
  • In 2015, it ran from $105 to $125
  • In 2016, it ran from $110 to $132
  • In 2017, it ran from $124 to $144
  • In 2018, it ran from $140 to nearly $165

It’s just something to be aware of, if you’re hunting for flu season opportunities.



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